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5 Ways Intelligent Automation is Reshaping Vacation Rental Industry

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Pam Knudsen, Director of Compliance Services at Avalara, advises rental property-owners to deploy AI, IoT tools for management of real estate assets  

There are certain experiences that simply require businesses to provide a human touch, like a fitting for a new suit or a guided travel tour. But, that’s not the case for all businesses – or business functions.

AI automation is having a particularly powerful impact on the service industry, where technology is alleviating the workload for business-owners, while enhancing experiences for customers. Intelligent automation is becoming particularly useful in the short-term rental space. Here’s how:


In the not-so-distant past, making hotel reservations required a rotary phone, the Yellow Pages and a whole lot of patience. Vacationers were required to call around, inquiring about hotel availability and features. In today’s world, vacationers need little more than an Internet connection and credit card to book that room.

Automated and chatbot-interfaced bookings enable travelers to effortlessly reserve a room with instant gratification. Twitter room with instant gratification. They’ll also have the option of viewing, modifying and canceling reservations online. Travelers even receive automated email reminders to ensure their plans are not waylaid due to missing docs or misplaced tickets.

Automation can be a huge help to rental-owners, too. This technology enables them to track bookings, cancellations and site traffic with little capital investment, training or time. Automation can also alleviate the stress of managing multiple rentals and streamline the entire rental process.

Moreover, automation tells renters more about the guests they’re set to receive, and helps them determine whether special room preparations are necessary. For example, if you’re expecting a young family, you might need extra time to child-proof the rental.

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