5 Important Life Lessons That You Can Learn from Nil Battey Sannata

November 9, 2020

Nil Battey Sannata is a 2015 Bollywood comedy-drama movie directed by AshwinyIyer Tiwari. It dealt with a loving and critical mother-daughter relationship. Chanda, the mother played by Swara Bhaskar wants Apu, her daughter played by Ria Shukla to become an IAS officer someday. Chanda works as domestic help and menial help here and there but has high hopes from Apu. On the other hand, Apu is not motivated to study because at a tender age she has started to believe that as her mother is a bai or house help, she will also become a bai.

This movie is hugely appreciated for its beautiful and emotional storytelling.

You can start afresh any day at any age: –

We see Chanda taking admission to the same school her daughter studies. Because one day out of some heated exchange of words, Apu taunts her mom as she doesn’t have a degree or completed even 10th exam. Chanda takes that up as a challenge and also as a way to inspire Apu. This movie gives a great message that regardless of age, you can get educated and complete your dreams on any given day. And this is a matter of pride, not shame.

Hard work pays well: –

Sitting back and complaining about the criticality of any problem in life is not going to pay you. It’s only when you immerse yourself in hard work, you see a change in yourself, and that what makes your destiny.

Think beyond your comfort zone: –

Apu never liked Math at all and either failed or somehow gained pass marks. One of his classmates who is good at Math says to her, “you find Math difficult because you have never tried to understand it. If you make a friendship with Math, it will never stay as your problem”. So, when you start to go and think beyond your comfort zone, that’s where life begins to surprise you and treat you with brownies.

Moms have superpowers: –

They say moms are no less than Gods – it’s true. It was Chanda who gathered her savings because she wants to see Apu lead a respected and successful life. Apu for a long time never believed in her mom’s dreams for her but Chanda never gave up. She arranged everything for Apu despite being sick or insulted. That proves again that moms have superpowers – they can transform anything into a better thing.

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