5 Home Organising Tips For Modern Busy Bees

September 19, 2020

1. De-cluttering

With modern life keeping us so busy it’s important to be organised so as to have things run smoothly. It’s easy to run on adrenalin and to rush busily from one task to the next. In the meantime things accumulate around us for sorting out “later”. Until later comes, we have found that putting all the loose items around your home into clear clutter boxes is the best first step. It has several simultaneous advantages in that it quickly clears the space of clutter; provides a clear window to easily discern where the item we seek is, and it energetically motivates us to take on the clutter in bite sized pieces over time as opposed to never starting it due to the overwhelm that confronts us when dreading such a herculean task. 

2. Cleaning the house

Once the clutter is in clutter boxes, you will find your energy will slowly start to return and now is the time to clean the house. You can hire a cleaning service or do it yourself. Either way your focus needs to be on removing as much of the fine microscopic dust as you can in one fell swoop. If you hire a cleaning service make sure you get a list and that the cleaner you use is one that comes recommended by someone you know and don’t necessarily trust online reviews, these are easy to fake. If you decide to do it yourself remember to breathe and just do one task at a time. Learn all about dust-free living in order to cut down on cleaning time by removing fine particle dust from your home with an annual spring clean. Wait for a windy day when you can create a through-draft to carry the fine particle dust out. Start with the dusting, then the wet areas, then the wiping, then the vacuuming and then the mopping. Nice and easy.

3. Use the space

Vertical space in the home is an opportunity to create more space on the ground. Open areas are not only easier to keep clean and de cluttered but they also provide a lovely open feeling of space which translates into more space in our lives. This can be achieved by creating, using and utilising wall space to neatly stack these items that bring us joy. Solid wall wardrobes are great for putting our de-clutter boxes into so they’re out of sight and mind until we find the time and space to rationalise, categorise and arrange them later in this process. This can take years so be patient and just take on the whole pie with small mouth sized pieces over time. This way you can actually enjoy the process. Throwing away things we don’t need and treasuring those items we decide to keep by folding, collating and neatly stacking them is a beautiful process when we’re present and not in a rush.

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