5 Financial Lessons Diwali 2020 – Review by Indianmoney.com

November 13, 2020

Diwali is India’s biggest and most important festival. This festival gets its name from the rows of clay lamps called ‘Deepa’ lit outside people’s homes to symbolize the defeat of spiritual darkness with inner light. Diwali is now a National Festival celebrated by Indians regardless of faith.

  1. Plan your investments

It’s time to think of your financial investments, as per Indianmoney reviews this Diwali. Do you have a term life insurance plan to protect loved ones and care for their financial well being if something untoward happens to you? What about a family floater health insurance plan to take care of your family’s hospitalization needs this Diwali? A Child Endowment Plan could be a lasting gift for your son. It would take care of higher education and marriage expenses. You could start investing in an SIP of mutual funds this Diwali 2020

  1. Get a financial advisor this Diwali

IndianMoney Reviews department has wealthy doctors who give genuine and unbiased financial advice, to make sure you are not cheated or mis-sold financial products. Our wealthy doctors can help achieve financial goals. Insurance agents are known to mis-sell life insurance products like endowment plans to pocket commissions.

  1. Make a well balanced portfolio

You must be familiar with asset allocation, which is dividing the investment across asset categories. Indian money company reviews of asset allocation helps balance risk and reward by apportioning portfolio assets to meet financial goals based on your risk toleration and investment horizon. If your portfolio is light on equity, bring in more funds and maintain a balance between debt and equity. Stock markets have crashed and this is an excellent time to pick good stocks at low prices.


  1. Have Gold in your portfolio

You don’t need to buy gold coins or gold ornaments. Invest in gold Exchange-Traded Funds popularly called Gold ETFs which represent physical gold in the dematerialized form. Lead market review of gold ETFs can be traded on the stock exchange just like stocks. You don’t have the hassles of storing gold jewelry and there are no making charges.

  1. Have a SIP in equity mutual fund

Start a SIP this Diwali 2018. The money invested in the equity mutual fund scheme can meet financial goals like Children’s education, marriage and even retirement.


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