4Life Innovations is bracing up to acquire iOS 13 for iPhone App Development

January 22, 2020

4Life Innovations is one of the leading iPhone app development companies in India, has a team of techno-savvy enthusiasts, who are always keen to adopt the latest technologies and trends.

New features you need to know about iOS 13:

Apple introduced a lot of improvements on system and apps, such as advanced Siri, Apple Health, Memoji stickers, and a new Map experiences, but the most anticipated feature is “Dark mode” as iOS 13 itself has the tagline – “iOS now lives in the dark”

Let’s explore more –

System Features:

  • Dark Mode – This option gives iOS and apps a beautiful dark color scheme – manually and schedulable, customized wallpaper for dark mode
  • Camera Improvements – Adjustment on Portrait Lighting intensity and new high-key mono portrait lighting effect
  • Keyboard – The QuickType virtual keyboard includes QuickPath which allows the user to swipe their finger across the virtual keyboard to complete words and phrases
  • New Privacy control – Improvements on giving access to the current location, When an app requires access to location, the user can choose whether to grant access whenever they are using the app or only one time
  • Accessibility – Rich text editing, Word and emoji suggestions, Add custom words, voice control
  • Sign in with Apple – It allows users to easily sign up accounts with 3rd-party services with a minimal amount of information i.e Google and Facebook.
  • Improved Siri – New voice system called “Neural Text to Speech, more functional & better sound control
  • Performance – 2X faster app launch, Face ID unlocks 30% faster, app downloads 50% smaller and updates 60% smaller
  • Battery improvements – OS 13 has a feature to limit the battery charging percentage to 80%, so this will reduce the battery aging and extend its lifespan

App Features:

  • Messages & Memoji –
  • Maps

Our dedicated iPhone app developers are ready to execute the new OS updates in iPhone app development to acquire the maximum benefits of the iOS platform.

With 5+ years of experience in iOS app development services, 4Life Innovations knows what it takes to deliver a successful iOS app that gets a good boost and good numbers of downloads. Let’s build for iOS 13!

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