4 Things to Consider Before Buying IPTV Box

October 26, 2020

There is a paradigm shift in traditional broadcasting and entertainment through set-top boxes. People have shifted towards IPTV for their entertainment and LIVE TV content needs. It is growing quickly with new providers and services popping up alongside traditional TV providers with more IPTV offerings. In it, television programming is being communicated using internet protocol. Dreamlink Delite is one of the top choices for IPTV boxes and it has all the latest features desired in the category.


It is important to know and gather knowledge about how IPTV works. It is different from cable or satellite TV in which broadcasters are sending out signals and viewers receive only what’s being broadcasted. IPTV instead of transmitting content via light pulse in fiber-optic cable or radio wave from a satellite is sending shows & movies through standard internet protocol. Most IPTVs are using video on demand (VOD) or time-shifted media instead of broadcasting a range of shows on a specific schedule. Buy Dreamlink Delite for the latest features and add-ons in your entertainment box.

Here are 4 things to consider before buying the IPTV boxes –

Output Resolution

IPTV boxes are affordable and not all of them are providing high-resolution output via HDMI. Some of the older models and cheaper ones can only output 720p, so one gets less resolution and you won’t be able to enjoy high-quality media.

The majority of the boxes in the market, offer either 1080p or 4k output via HDMI. The latter is suitable if you are having an LCD TV that supports 4K since one is able to maximize the capabilities with a 4K TV box.

Specifications and Performance

The IPTV boxes are similar to smartphones today. It relies on the Arm Cortex processor for processing power. The best IPTV boxes have an octa-core processor and some of them are available with bigger RAM & internal storage of up to 128 GB. A faster processor and bigger RAM translate to better multitasking & media playback performance in general.

Support for More Storage

Check whether the TV box’s support for external storage is enough or not. Most devices are having a built-in hard disk slot so to install a hard drive directly. Other devices are using the USB connection to allow the use of external drives. It is now easy to connect to the storage options for accessing media files and stream content.

Cost of the IPTV Box

Make sure that the desired IPTV box is as per your budget and buy the device that suits the price range. The specification may vary a bit as per the price and it is guaranteed to provide more entertainment than the traditional devices.

Are you looking to buy a suitable IPTV entertainment box? Buy Dreamlink Delite to make sure that all your needs are fulfilled in the best possible manner. Get the product from a trusted platform to avail of all the necessary features coming with the pack.

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