3D photos a way to promote your online store

May 15, 2019

As we all know, one small picture of an object can say much more than dozens of words about it. Even the best description of the product, with strongly emphasized advantages supported by dozens of technical data, will not tell the customer anything.

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It has to be supported by good quality photos, best reproducing the described object faithfully.

That is why 3D photography has been very popular recently.

Use of 3D photos in online stores

When selling items over the Internet, shops try to attract customers by all available means. Online shopping alone could not have existed without a dedicated photo gallery.

For many years, classic photographs have been used in online sales. Unfortunately, they have not been able to reproduce the actual appearance of the items sold.

Especially when we have to precisely see every detail of it, preferably in space. This often resulted in frequent returns and exchanges of the purchased goods by disappointed customers.

3D photos came with help in solving this problem.

3D photography of products

It is nowadays an increasingly popular solution used in online shops. Made with the use of a special, computer-controlled rotating platform, 3D photos give the possibility to quickly perform a faithful presentation of the product.

The customer sitting at home in front of the screen of his laptop or desktop can freely rotate, zoom in or out on his own.

3D photography in the form of a spatial presentation also offers the possibility of a thorough look at the details of the object being watched. The realism of the photos themselves is so high that we would not notice some details even holding the object in our hands.

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