10 Common Running Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

November 17, 2020

Running injuries affect a percentage of runners per year. Recurrence of various RRIs, i.e. Running Related Injuries depends on the form of running, since runners basically change in sections, such as pace and mileage, for example, RRI can be intense as well as continuous. Instead of injury caused by a sudden injury, for example, strains, a large amount of the daily injuries that plague runners are constant, grow over a longer period of time.

These are also the after-effects of aggression. Pressure fractures, Achilles tendinitis, Iliotibial band condition, Patellofemoral torment (knee sprinters), and plantar fasciitis are basic overuse injuries.

In injury prevention, an adequate running structure is important. The foot strike architecture is a substantial part of the running structure. The way the foot interacts with the ground determines how the power of the effect is dispersed throughout the body. In order to monitor the foot strike design, different forms of present-day running shoes are made with the ultimate aim of reducing the risk of injury.

Lately, in various western nations, barefoot running has increased in popularity, leading to cases that decrease the risk of injury. This has not been confirmed in any case and is still being debated. Physical therapy can also help runners and athletes with this problem.

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