10 Benefits of Remote Revenue Cycle Management Programs

May 18, 2020

The remote revenue cycle management industry has been booming in recent years. A growing number of healthcare organizations are making the switch.
Should your organization make the switch to a remote revenue cycle management (RCM) program? These third party service providers make big promises – but do they actually live up to these promises?
Today, we’re exploring the benefits of remote revenue cycle management programs.

Fewer Denied Insurance Claims

Insurance claims may be denied because of inaccurate coding or other chargemaster issues. Good remote revenue cycle management companies services can reduce denied insurance claims. 90% of claim denials are preventable, and yet they still occur at every organization. Remote RCM services can mitigate the issues that lead to denied claims.

Fewer Billing Errors

Billing and coding errors increase the number of claim denials. Remote revenue cycle management services solve these bottlenecks, helping organizations capture revenue and avoid denied insurance claims.

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